2014 Blog

Greetings from San Francisco 

Is is one of the coolest cities I've ever seen. Take new York, new Orleans and any random florida town and you get San Fran. I rode a topless bus around the entire city and over the bridge :) China town is awesome.

Greetings from Conquimbo 

What a great day in Coquimbo. We started out simply looking for a light walk to grab lunch and maybe quick shopping for supplies and ending up joining two crew members for a private excursion around this awesome little city. We had a tour guide who took us to several great points to take pictures. We started out at a fort near the bay, which had mountain side rock formations and old military sections with a canon. We saw a seal lying on rocks and lots a huge birds. We then traveled to the big cross (forgot name) and took a tour there which was an elevator ride up to the top (80 kilometers I think) and got some great overview photos of the whole city all sides. For lunch we went to the fishing pier and ate at a resteraunt and photographed more sea lions and birds that were just hanging around the fishery. We had empanadas and fruit drinks, with pico de gallo and shrimp soup, and some bread. On the way back our tour guide, performed for us (acting) a scene right there on the street, it was really cool. The two friends we hung out with were from mexico and japan. GREAT DAY

Greetings from Valapairso 

Hey all, so this city is by far one of the best weve seen so far. it starts with an incredible view of city and homes embedded into high mountains going as high as the eye can see. we saw the armada at the square, lots of military type persons in uniform everywhere and many dogs running around free (all friendly). we took an "elevator" up a mountain, it was more like a cable car, and got out to overlook the city. then we traveled down on foot passing through awesome little districts with beautiful homes and apartments all very quaint and unique. many twists and turns and tons of fantastic graffiti everywhere. graffiti is welcome here and everywhere you look there is massive art work on the walls, stairs etc.... we saw empanada stands and food choices gallore. also many of the roads are cobblestone. the city is huge like memphis maybe bigger. lots of wealth, great apartments and lofts, very expensive looking in some parts of town.we rode a trolley that runs around the city for like 400 pesos (80 cents). lots of famous painters and artists and writers here. we then took a bus to the beach side of town and strolled through the tents that sold wool items and leather items, and lots of interesting things to buy. the beaches are like north florida, beautiful and kind of chilly at early and late hours of the day. the people of the city are really friendly and polite. all in all this city is like a combo of new york city, florida and new orleans with south american people, LOVE IT

Greetings from Puerto Montt 

so this port was awesome. a bigger city in Chile with of course great mountains and lots of homes on hills. there were many stores and shops. we took a bus with friends from argentina to visit a different location with a great view. we sat outside a great resteraunt and tried some great food. bea had a bisco sour (she did not like) i had limanada which was a great lemonade but super fresh and sweet, also had like a pastry wrapped hamburger with carmolized onions and mushrooms, with banana peppers on the side and a  kind of cheese sour cream basil pesto sauce to dip. we tried deserts and everyone at the table shared bites of food and toasted often. the people of chile are very polite and friendly even more than the south i think. they hug and kiss, and share. the city had lots of dogs running around loose and lots of rose bushes everywhere. the money is 500 pesos to one dollar.

Greetings from the Amalia Glacier 

i never thought we would see this part of the world, our ship took a scenic cruise to this remote location to see one of the largest glaciers in the world, which supplies water to the ocean. it was very nippy out but we bundled up and hung out on deck 7 and 12 to just admire the fantastic sight of the glacier. it had gorgeous blue frozen sections that looked like a gigantic water slide surrounded by white ice and mountains. there were dolphins hanging around the ship too making light appearances. pictures coming soon.

Greetings from Ushaia 

Ushaia is a beautiful little city at the base of Chile, with great views of snow capped mountains and ocean. not much at this port just a few restaraunts and gift shops. the ships activities are fun, the crew staff puts on lots of themed shows, trivias, contests, line dancing classes, tango classes and much more. we are making lots of great friends, and its just a lot of fun hitting new ports every couple of days.

Greetings from Cape Horn 

well as it turns out the weather will not permit us to visit Cape Horn :( Safety First is the main thing always on ships. We are headed to Ushaia now. This would have been a once in a lifetime deal, not many ships go around the horn often.....it is simply that our ship is reloacating from florida to california that would have made this possible.

Greetings from Falkland Islands 

today it is very cold here but i think its summer in the falkland islands. we wore big jackets and took a boat to shore to check out town.
we landed ourselves in a local pub chatting with an 80 year old guy originally from scotland. he sang songs to us and bought us a round. we ate fish and chips for lunch a popular british food. we are in south america but falkland islands belong to britian. we wanted to visit the penguins but it took to long to go there, so we will see them at the next stop (hopefully) witch is Ushaia. chow for now !

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