Bea has resigned from Arizona in 2014, please scroll down for a special notice **

The NEW Arizona !


Manda Detton : Powerful versatile vocal abilities along with great stage presence and of the utmost professional standards, Arizona welcomes Manda to the band in 2014.

Manny : Manny has been playing piano since age 5. At 18 started his own band with Beatrice. He plays keyboards, bass, lead vocals and is the musical director of the band. He also performs all sound and light tasks....including all bookkeeping and band management. His vocal is similar to Jason mrazz, Vince gill, and billy Joel. He has vast knowledge of charting and creating chord charts, and manages the live song calling and structure of the show along side bea. He also holds the ability to create tracks for additional fullness to the bands sound. Performing simultaneously bass, keys and vocals manny covers a large part of the bands sound.

Tony rossi: Tony plays lead guitar and has been with arizona 12 years. He is Arizona's side man lead guitarist. Tony has vast knowledge in variety music and plays all styles. He currently and notably is a substitute guitarist for the famous group mickey thomas' Starship.

Chirs Sechler : This dude plays drums pretty darn good ! like really really good........seriously this dudes alright ;)


* a special notice *
To our fans friends and family, our dearest Bea has made a decision this year to resign from Arizona. .
She was a beloved person that held so many talents. She truly loved everyone whole heartedly and people loved her.
She will be missed.

* on a personal note *
Bea we began our band in 1989 around 25 years ago, You were 17 and I was 21.
We fell in love and made music our lifetime career.
We shared years and years of wonderful experiences, traveled the world, and made so many friends and fans.
I will never forget the amazing life we created and I will never forget the love and devotion we shared for each other, and having only one life to live, I have absolutely no regrets and I love what we did girl. I wish you the very best XO Manny 

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